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'Going into the birth of my 5th baby, Audra helped me identify my hardships with prior deliveries and rewrite a view of my expectations. I was able to connect with Audra and I felt like she actually listened and understood ME. Audra has a genuine personality that is able to be in the moment. Audra helped me feel more grounded, confident in myself, and reclaim my needs which chased away my fears. 
Audra would be an excellent support during the hardest workout of your life and be of wise council prior to delivery.'

~Nicole H. Moorhead, MN Prenatal Doula Support


'The birth of my first child, while medically textbook, left me feeling bullied, afraid and unsupported. In the third trimester with my second, I decided I absolutely couldn't do it without a doula, and was lucky enough to find Audra. We clicked immediately- she's warm and funny and open- and I knew instantly that she was someone I would be comfortable sharing one of the most intimate, pivotal moments of my life with.

Audra helped me focus on what was most important going into the birth, and helped finesse my birth plan. She helped my husband know how best to support me, and talked through our concerns and fears with us. In the weeks leading up to the delivery, she was a great support with the woes of late pregnancy, and my endless cheerleader. At times, she seemed as excited about my upcoming birth as I was!

On the actual day, Audra was invaluable. Her hip squeezes? Absolutely magic. She seemed to know what to suggest before I could mention it, and was an incredible grounding force. I don't know that I could have been cracking jokes well into transition without her support- there was never a single moment of fear, as I felt utterly supported and encouraged. Audra's presence gave my husband room to breathe and take care of himself, while providing me with continuous support and encouragement. She was a vocal advocate for me, without ever alienating the medical staff. And in the end, I welcomed a beautiful, healthy, 9lb 3oz baby girl into the world, in the low-intervention, unmedicated birth I had hoped for.

I truly credit Audra's support with getting the birth I wanted. Her presence and support allowed me to relax, to trust my body, and to trust the process. I'll never give birth without her again, and I'm so glad I found Rauha Birth Services,'

~Terri SB Moorhead, MN Birth Doula Client


'I whole heartedly recommend Audra as a Doula! When we hired Audra, my husband and I were looking for someone knowledgeable about natural pregnancy and delivery to support us. We were having a hospital birth but didn’t want to get pressured into interventions that were not needed and my husband wanted support in how to support me. Come to find out we needed a c-section 3.5 weeks early.


I was concerned about what that meant with a Doula. Audra stepped right up and helped us still make my delivery experience a lot less stressful and peaceful despite complications! She also did a wonderful job supporting my husband. Audra was there every step of the way!


After delivering I had a lot of bleeding and ended up needing to go back in for emergent surgery and they left my husband and our new son just sitting there alone. Audra was there to provide support to him as a new dad whose wife just got rushed away. He was incredibly relieved we had hired Audra and she could help explain things and provide support.


After the first night our son ended up in the NICU and so we had some trouble breastfeeding. Again Audra was there to guide and support!


Lastly, I had wanted my placenta encapsulated and it was not a service she offered at the time, but Audra made connections and set up everything for that to happen without any extra work for me or my husband! We are so incredibly happy we had Audra with us during our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey! I would recommend her to anyone and will definitely be hiring her again when it comes time for our second child.'

~Melanie C Fargo,  ND Birth Doula Client