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Postpartum Support

Postpartum is a time full of firsts, healing, sleeplessness, irreplaceable memories, and oftentimes mental health challenges. Yet, as a society we continuously fail our postpartum persons but putting unrealistic and unhealthy expectations on them. 

We've all heard the questions and statements:

"Is baby sleeping through the night yet?" - "How much weight have you lost" - "Are you just so in love?"

"Cherish these moments they go by so fast" - "When are you going back to they gym?"

"So are you feeling normal yet?" - "You're all healed right?" - "Sleep when the baby sleeps"

While most may be 'well-intentioned' the intentions do not negate or undo the harm that in can cause a postpartum experience. A birthing person often gives birth, then is sent/left home, often to fend for themselves within days or even hours. Inadequate paid time off for birthing persons often forces people to return to work before their bodies and souls are ready. Partners, friends, and family are often 'back to normal life' within a day or so. And meanwhile the postpartum individual is alone, tired, often scared, and overwhelmed. The feelings that one needs to have it all together, be fine, and do it all are pressured by society as a whole. BUT...this is NOT how it has to be.

Enter postpartum support from a trained doula. Someone to come in and support the postpartum person through a variety of means. Ensuring they are fed, bathed, and rested are just a few of the ways postpartum support can make a difference. I also offer an ear and compassion to ensure that you feel heard, valued, and validated in your experience. Are the daily tasks of dishes and laundry feeling overwhelming and causing you to spiral? Do you need someone to hold the baby so you can be an individual for a time? All of these are things a postpartum Doula supports.

Be it a few hours a week, month, or even daily in the first weeks you get to set the support level that you need. You get to build a relationship with me prior to your birth (book while still pregnant so you are supported right away!) so that once you are home you are supported and cared for. Have you already given birth and finding that you're feeling lost and alone? Let's talk right away so that you can get the support as soon as possible.

Are you a friend or family member of a birthing person looking for what to gift them at a shower or welcoming at the hospital? Postpartum support is the best gift one can receive! Let's work together to change our society's unrealistic and unhealthy expectations on birthing persons!

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