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Frequently Asked Questions

I am birthing in Grandforks or Detroit Lakes, can you still work with my placenta?

Yes of course! I do charge a travel fee ($50 each way to Grandforks, and $37 each way to Detroit Lakes). Also, if the roads or weather is not cooperative there may be a delay of a day or two for either trip. The travel fee can be bypassed if you have a relative, doula or friend whom is making either of the trips.

What is the investment? How do I pay? When do I pay?

My exchange rate is $250. I accept cash, credit and check. You can make payments if necessary. The last portion must be paid by the time remedies are delivered. If you are in a special circumstance and require a sliding scale option I can work with you. (I want birth givers to have what they need regardless of their circumstances).

Is there a contract?

Yes there is, I can send it to you at any point for your review, just ask!

When do I contact you? How does this all work?

Please reference our details page to learn about how the process works. Take special note of my Off Hours, and be prepared with a cooler if you are birthing at a hospital. Feel free to ask any other questions!

How many do I take?

Directions are given upon delivery. I stress greatly that each person should listen to thier body, however there are guidelines as well as contraindications that I distribute before you take your first remedy.

How many capsules will I get?

That depends upon the size of the placenta. The range can be quite high. The ‘norm’ range for TCM preparation is 60-190.

What are the benefits?

Take a peek at our Benefits page. 

Are you OSHA certified?

I am. I have completed a certification on Bloodborne Pathogens specifically for Doulas and Placenta Encapsulators


Why do you work from your home?

I work from my home because I can guarantee the sanitation requirements that are important to me. I also have all of my tools on hand and do not have to worry about something getting dirty while traveling, nor do I worry about forgetting anything or running out of something. Overall, I can maintain my standards more easily. I have also worked with many that do not want the smell in their home, those that have relatives that question the practice and they do not want me in their home, and others that do not want someone in their home while they are in the hospital. I try to get remedies back to a woman within 24hrs of pickup which is often when she is still in the hospital. 

How can I be sure that I am receiving my placenta and not another woman’s?

We only work with one placenta at a time. Despite feeling quite busy with placentas, I have only had more than one arrive on the same day ONCE. I have received them back to back a couple times and more often there is a couple days between arrivals. In the event of receiving more than one on the same day, I work with one at a time, and label everything with colors and names.