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How do I go about having this done for me on my birthing day?
Give me a call, text or email and we can begin connecting to gather some information. 
I will then send an “understandings” sheet for you to review prior to proceeding.


On Birthing Day
You will text me when your birthing begins so that I have a head’s up that a placenta is coming to me. 
When birthing is complete you send me a text (or call) to let me know. 
I will then pick up the placenta as soon as possible and then return your remedy to you within 24hrs (unless other extenuating circumstances arise) of me picking it up.

If Birthing In The Hospital
Bring a cooler with you for any delay in time between my available pick up time and when the baby is born; especially for my “off” hour times.
Also, make sure you’ve mentioned this to your care provider beforehand and have it mentioned in your birth plan that you are keeping your placenta (to avoid them from adding anything to the placenta for their storage before disposal and to keep the placenta in your room). 


If Birthing At Home
You can put the placenta in a storage container (often a doubled up gallon ziplock bag, or a throw away tupperware), and then refrigerate until I arrive, if it will take me more than a couple hours after birthing, to arrive.

I have “off” hours from 10p -10a
During “off” hours my phone is set to silent except for my doula clients. I still want the text to let me know what is going on with your birthing-so keep me in the loop! However, the noise will not ring through. Therefore I will address text messages after my family morning rituals are complete and I am available to pick up a placenta.


Who am I? 
I am Audra Maurer and I work independently, however I do have a backup in place in the event of a schedule change or illness.

Placenta Processing

I create my sacred space and sanitize in accordance with my OSHA training. I take a photo of the placenta to email to the birth giver. The cord is cut and rolled for the birth giver to keep and do with as they please (some make art from it or burying it is common). The placenta is then steamed with warming herbs (often ginger and a hot pepper). Next it is gracefully sliced, and dehydrated. Finally the slices are ground up into a powder and put into capsules.


The birthgiver's capsule remedy is then complete with the love and reverence it deserves.