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5 Interesting Facts About the Placenta


1. The placenta is often called the tree of life or giver of life. This is beautiful and true! It literally gives the baby the nutrients and oxygen it needs to thrive in the womb. And when you look at the placenta you can see the vessels an cord create a tree on and within the placenta itself.


2. It is an Oxytocin rich organ! Why is this so important? Well it's important for many reasons: Oxytocin is the Love Hormone. When consumed this hormone:

  • helps the mother transition from her pregnancy state to non-pregnancy/lactation state (the drastic hormone shifts that occur are one reason postpartum blues (or depression or psychosis etc) happen. So consuming the Placenta helps with lessening postpartum blues and greater emotional swings that can affect the mother.

  • helps lessen night sweats and chills (again, the drastic hormone change from being pregnant to not causes a lot of discomfort that can be lessened via placentaphogy).

  • helps the milk come in and overall aids production of milk overall (greatly!!)

  • helps involution (contraction of the uterus back to it’s normal size) which also helps postpartum bleeding.

  • assists with bonding with the baby(ies).


3. It is Full of Nutrients! As mentioned, the placenta has been supplying baby with nutrients. It is an organ that is holding blood (similar to a liver) and therefore has extra nutrients which benefit the birth giver. Iron is depleated from all of the blood lost during birth. Having iron return to the body staves off anemia as well as helps with fatigue and preventing faintness. The B vitamins also aid with the fatigue. Vitamin E helps with tissue repair.


4. Cytokins; these are proteins or peptides that help with cell rejuvination. This can help the birth giver's body repair itself after birth.


5. If encapsulated the placenta pills work as a warming herb and raw it also adds qi and xue and tonifies vital essences. Chinese medicine suggests women spend 30 days regaining the energy lost from the birthing process. It is suggested to eat Warming foods instead of Cooling foods (which does not mean temperature of the food eaten).
When a placenta is encapsulated it is steamed with warming herbs to add to it’s benefits and help it restore the woman’s qi. Raw it also holds the life force energy properties (even more so because it is uncooked) as well as blood-which is something that is balanced via Chinese medicine.



Read more, learn more, feel it out and I completely support you in your decision to consume your placenta and reap the benefits of your bodies medicine!